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Take Care

Search for the reason and not the person to put the blame upon….So if you really think that all your problems are due to a person or relation….Keep reading on

Are you a female who is taking care of your family members and have taken multiple responsibilities on your shoulders??... Then why are you shying away from the responsibility of Selfcare? Who else do you think will be better at it than yourself ?...or do you think or want that people around you, for whom you have been so caring and responsible, should themselves come forward and take responsibility for your care ?.....You may not be entirely wrong if you expect so but my dear there are two things to ponder before keeping such expectations—


First – People who can not take care of themselves and are dependent on you for their own care ….are incapable of taking the additional responsibility of your care.

Second – You can not or rather should not expect others to think or behave in a similar manner as yours. Everyone has a different personality, behavior, and priorities.

So my dear, please understand this that you can not change others. If at all you can change, you can change yourself. You can stop being extra caring and extra responsible for grown-ups. Let them take care of themselves. And time and thoughts thus saved are to be given to ‘Yourself’ to improve your own physical and mental health.

You are as much a human being as are those around you. You have every right to care, love, and happiness. If nobody else is realizing that, you have to do it yourself. As a mother only can love and nurture a child in the best possible way, you only can nurture yourself in the best possible way.

Keep your focus right. Things get blur when they are out of focus. You need to learn to speak up for yourself. No one has the right to interfere in the way you want to live, laugh, eat, love or enjoy. You have the right to take decisions for yourself.


Everybody around you should learn and live in a symbiotic way. Symbiosis means a relationship where both people, in relation, give and take for mutual benefits and thus both of them prosper with time. On the other hand, there are Parasites. Parasites are those who depend on their host for their own needs and they gradually deprived host of all the nutrition to thrive themselves. The host is a parasitic relationship withers and perishes away with time. Please ensure that you neither become a parasite and nor host any parasite. Learn to live your life in such an interdependent manner that it remains a beautiful symbiotic relationship for everyone.


Also, remember that you will be there for your loved ones for a longer time and in a better state if you care for your own self.